Blaesi’s Automotive was founded by James (Jim) Blaesi. In 2000, he purchased Ken’s Automotive. With a commitment to excellence, a passion for automotive repair and a willingness to work hard, Jim transformed a run-down, antiquated, tired garage on Hudson Avenue into a best of class, world-class automotive repair facility.

Like many young boys, Jim dreamed of what he might be when he ‘grew up’. Born and raised in Irondequoit NY, Jim wanted to do two things: he wanted to be a professional firefighter and he wanted to own his own automotive repair shop. Along the way, he also thought he might marry and raise a family. Unlike many, however, Jim pursued his dreams with a vengeance. Today, Jim is a decorated City of Rochester firefighter, with fifteen years of dedicated service to the Rochester community.

Never one to do things halfway, Jim also set his sights on owning his own garage. And, since 2000, Jim has been the proud owner of Blaesi’s Automotive. That pride is clearly demonstrated by the name over the door “Blaesi”. Like many entrepreneurs, Jim puts his name behind his work. But, as he is often compelled to say, “at night I sweep out the joint.”
Even more important to him, he has a lovely wife whom he met in 1992. Together they have a beautiful, gifted daughter and a bright, spirited son. Friends like to remind him that, like his father, both of his children demonstrate a strong-willed spirit.
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