For almost a half-century, the building located at 981 Hudson Avenue was used as an automotive repair shop. Until 2001, the garage was known as Ken’s Garage. That year, it underwent a major metamorphosis. This was no ‘tune-up.’ This was a major overhaul.

Like many businesses in major cities, the garage had lost focus. Several small businesses were housed under the same roof, including a collection agency, residential apartments and other uses.

However, in 2001, Ken’s Garage was purchased by a true entrepreneur, a young man dedicated to building a first-class automotive repair shop. That first year, simple cosmetic changes were made. Lighting was added, the garage got a fresh coat of paint, and customers saw new faces.

The makeover didn’t stop there. With the aid of a small business grant, the shop got a face lift. New signage was added and a bright, modern marquee was installed. The real work, however, was done inside the shop. All other uses were discontinued. Walls were removed, old lifts replaced and new lifts added. A machine shop was built, complete with sandblasting to thoroughly clean parts.

The ability to fully service vehicle rolling stock was implemented with the addition of modern computerized tire balancing equipment and installation of a lift capable of performing 4 wheel alignment. Blaesi’s Automotive was up and running.
In addition to serving the local community, Blaesi’s Automotive now provides fleet maintenance to a number of commercial clients, and services many members of local, county, state and Federal 1st responder agencies.
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