Effective fleet management comprises many tasks, including financing, insurance, maintenance, tracking and diagnostics. All of these functions are intended to fulfill two primary goals. First and foremost, sound, informed fleet management is employed to enhance and ensure the health and safety of drivers and passengers. Second, informed fleet managers remove or minimize the risks associated with fleet operations.

At Blaesi’s, we have developed a cost effective approach to address one variable in the fleet management equation: vehicle maintenance. We focus on two metrics: cost per mile for maintenance and vehicle up-time. We understand that companies that rely on transportation as a core business driver need their fleet on the road, not on a lift. We understand that timely, cost efficient maintenance can improve the efficiency and productivity of your fleet, reducing down time while simultaneously reducing overall vehicle and staff costs. We also ensure 100% compliance with government requirements.
While fleet maintenance requirements can be dealt with by either an in-house service department or an outsourced maintenance provider, Blaesi’s offers fleet customers a proven partner to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment and lower the per mile cost of operations. Although we have served, and continue to serve a number of fleet customers, we always tailor our approach based on our customers’ specific needs.

We also service Brawn wheelchair lifts!

Give Blaesi’s a call. Let us diagnose your fleet maintenance needs and offer a comprehensive solution.
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